User Experience Design for Libraries

Tuesday, November 10th to December 7th, 2015

Thanks to the kind recommendation of another librarian, I have the honor of teaching this course on behalf of Infopeople. It looks like there are still spots available at this time. On the bright side, Infopeople courses are much cheaper than other online courses. Just $75 for California residents and $150 for everyone else.


Do you find yourself disappointed with the lack of community reception despite the fact that your library continuously offers new books, programs, and services? User Experience (UX) design teaches you how to get to know your users, identify who would benefit from particular services and how to create experiences that improve how users view the library. Rather than thinking that every library resource is of interest to every user, UX design will give you the tools to figure out what users want, and how to develop a plan that appeals to the right demographic for success.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The basic concepts of UX design and how it is applicable in library settings
  • How to gather data to learn about your users and their needs and desires
  • How UX can be applied to every aspect of the library
  • How to prepare for the challenges of implementing user-centric thinking

You will learn how to improve your library’s relationship with users by utilizing evidence-based decisions including observations, analytics, and conversations. Learn best practices to improve not only your writing but also your web presence. No more need to guess about what your community wants, likes, and dislikes. Instead, you will be able to identify who will benefit from the library’s investment in particular programs and resources.

Course Description: In this four-week course, you will gain a solid understanding of how User Experience (UX) Design works and determine whether it is right for your library and patrons. Through readings, assignments, and discussions, you will learn how to make a compelling case for pursuing UX and how to implement the techniques in your library. You will be able to apply the concepts, and best practices immediately in your own library to prepare for the challenges of implementing user-centric thinking.

Check the course outline and register.