Part 1. Understanding WordPress

Chapter 1: An Introduction to WordPress
Chapter 2: Flavors of WordPress
Chapter 3: The Competition

Part 2. The Basics of Developing a WordPress Website

Chapter 4: Website Planning
Chapter 5: Using WordPress
Chapter 6: Themes
Chapter 7: Plugins and Media
Chapter 8: Administrative Tools

Part 3. Library Implementations of WordPress

Chapter 9: Academic Libraries
Read Online: Scholarly Publishing @ MIT Libraries
Chapter 10: Library Associations
Chapter 11: Digital Libraries/Archives
Read Online: Madison (NH) Local Library History
Chapter 12: Government and Law
Chapter 13: Public Libraries
Chapter 14: School Library Media Centers
Read Online: Belchertown High School Library
Chapter 15: Special Libraries and Allies


Appendix A: The Survey
Appendix B: Resources for WordPress in Libraries
Appendix C: Plugins